Wire Drawing, Stretching and Polishing

Precision manufacturing services from a proven wore drawing company. Our vast experience enables us to apply the industry’s most comprehensive engineering and manufacturing expertise to the drawing, stretching, and polishing of steel wires.

Consistency is our highest priority. Maintaining dimensions, quality and specifications every time with our precise drawing skills. Time and time again, you can rely on Steel Works to generate the same, high-quality, wire.

Steel Works is becoming one of Pakistans leading stainless steel wire suppliers. Our comprehensive product range can satisfy a wide variety of specifications and requirements.

We make construction simpler, faster and safer. 

Associations with world renowned companies in China (CGGC), Italy (Fruilsder), Germany (K.A.L.M), England (2KPolymers), UAE (Golden Sands abrasive & New Horizons LLC) and Sudan (Sudan Railways), evolving from a small start-up, two decades ago, to a trusted nationwide business.

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