Sleeve Anchor

Sleeve Anchor
Sleeve Anchor supplier in lahore

Sleeve Anchor

Sleeve anchors are a fast, and adaptable anchoring system. They are intended for use on a range of materials. Getting the right fixing for your project is essential for its effectiveness and reliability. Being versatile sleeve anchors can be used for light and heavy-duty fastening.

Sleeve anchors can be used in a variety of base materials such as concrete and brick. They are better suited for interior use away from the elements.

Sleeve Anchor Supplier in Lahore Pakistan.

Product Specifications

GRADES: 4.8/5.8/8.8/10.9/12.9/B7
FINISHING: Plain/Zinc Plated/Black/Hot Dip/Galv
MATERIAL: SS316/Brass/SS304/Medium and Low Carbon Steel/Alloy Steel

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