Hammer Rivets

Hammer Rivets
hammer rivets supplier in lahore

Hammer Rivets

The hammer rivets of ITA fasteners are made of stainless steel, carbon steel or alloy steel, so they are very durable and can be used for very high strength applications. They can also be used in applications that must be deployed at the seaside because of their corrosion resistance. Like any other rivet, the hammer rivet also has a tubular handle that runs through its entire body. To insert it, pressure is applied to its head. It is used for blindside applications, where only one side of the structure is exposed to us, and the fastener should only be tightened and loosened from that side.

Hammer Rivets Supplier in Lahore Pakistan.

Product Specifications

GRADES: 4.8/5.8/8.8/10.9/12.9/B7
FINISHING: Plain/Zinc Plated/Black/Hot Dip/Galv
MATERIAL: SS316/Brass/SS304/Medium and Low Carbon Steel/Alloy Steel

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